Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy and Therapeutic Massage

Same-Day Pain Care

Introducing same-day care for acute issues such as:

  • -  muscle spasms
  • -  pinched nerves
  • -  sports injuries
  • -  back/neck/joint pain
  • -  sprains/strains, etc.

Our Middletown location (500 North Union Street) offers same-day care.

There is no need to wait, nor should you suffer!  Our on-call service is available during normal hours and is always available after-hours. No need to make an appointment.  Walk-ins are welcome.

Call 717-944-2225 for specific details.


pinched nerve

See us first . . .  in the event that you need care beyond our facility,
we'll get you pointed in the right direction quickly.

We'll help coordinate your care through this issue! At The Hetrick Center, we are uniquely positioned to conservatively help with your injury/pain management needs. We have successfully integrated chiropractic, physical therapy, aquatic therapy, and massage therapy.  This collaborative approach helps get you back on-track ASAP. At times, appropriate and timely specialist referrals and diagnostic tests are necessary.
We can help you navigate this often-daunting process, should this be required. We're a great place for you to get started with this issue!