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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy


The Hetrick Center, Middletown, is now incorporating Blood Flow Restriction Training to supplement pre- and post-operative physical therapy rehabilitation. We have recently purchased BFR equipment from Smart Cuffs that includes multiple cuff sizes for the upper and lower extremities in addition to a pump/monitor that allows us to determine safe occlusion pressures. This will also be used to enhance other patients’ treatments during the strengthening phase to promote tissue healing and muscular hypertrophy.


What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)?

  • BFR training utilizes specialized equipment through the application of a pneumatic tourniquet cuff to occlude venous outflow and restrict arterial inflow
  • Creates an anaerobic environment to promote hypertrophy by upregulating cell signaling, protein synthesis, myogenic proliferation, and activate type II muscle fibers
  • BFR is used in combination with low load resistance training to promote muscle hypertrophy

Pre and Post-Operative Indications for BFR

  • Immobilization and non-weight bearing protocol following surgical interventions results in muscle disuse, decreased function, and muscle atrophy
  • BFR has been shown to reduce muscle atrophy and increase muscle strength for pre and post-operative surgeries for either the upper or lower extremity
  • Training under low load resistance with BFR can begin during early stages of healing post-operatively to resist muscle atrophy and build muscle strength

Cardiovascular and Exercise Capacity Benefits

  • BFR has shown to increase VO2 max with low intensity training to improve athlete aerobic capacity
  • Older adults can significantly benefit from BFR in combination with treadmill walking versus walking alone to improve functional ability

At the Hetrick Center, we are committed to the continued advancement in our patient care and experience. For more information in regards to BFR or our implementation of this training method into our treatment plans, please contact us using the contact information found on the contact page